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At the Supernatural 200 episode party! The flowers in my hair are for you Tumblr <3


person: dean winchester is straight




i am constantly amazed by straight dudes but not in like a good way


my cat does this to me whenever i try to be nice to her i just


So I know that there have been several people who’ve talked about Crowley’s line of “Pick a bloody side!” and “I think you don’t know what you want” and how it’s a metaphor of Dean’s bisexuality. They’ve said that Bisexual’s don’t have to pick a side, obviously, just like Dean doesn’t want to. 

But really. 

And there’s something else I’d like to point out.

In the scene where Crowley demands that Dean “pick a side” there are four people in the room. Dean and Crowley face each other in a stand off, and a male demon is one one side of the room and a female demon on the other side. 

Dean is directly in the middle the entire time. 

The scene could have easily been shot with another “Just Dean and Crowley confrontation” but they decided to have these two other demons placed just so and they don’t really serve any other purpose. 

Dean stays right in the middle of the two and refuses to pick a side.