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hello, i'm sophie. i like dean and cas; but we don't talk about that. unless you want to

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waiting for: the walking dead s5, spn s10, and constantine!!!

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reading: Not Part Of The Plan by scaramouche + Twenty First Century Blues by thepinupchemist.

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doing: learning french, and sleeping. probably.

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if there is any information released regarding season 10 during the hellatus, i shall be tagging it (if i think it's necessary) as:

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The wage gap is so unfair. We should come up with something to make it illegal. We’ll call it the Equal Pay Act of 1963

Wait a minute.

"People at #dallascon keep staring at (or near) my crotch! #imnotapieceofmeat!" [x]


DeanCas spam - [32/?]


#castiel#spn for ts#look at this angel babe look at this fucking guy#i want to believe this is him grumpily waiting for somebody to meet him at the ice cream shop (via robotmango)


when cas is angry he sometimes slips into enochian and mutters in it for the rest of the day or until he’s apologized to but he also sometimes slips into enochian when him and dean do the frick frack so one time sam heard cas yelling in enochian in dean’s room and he thought they were fighting so he barged in and he has never been the same since


dean and cas would nuzzle each other in bed because they’re so gross. 

like it would be super gross. and dean would be super blushy about it. 

and cas would want to hold hands in public and stuff and kiss him because that’s what humans do dean

and dean would get all flustered and red in the face. 

and sammy would just laugh at them. (▰˘◡˘▰) 


don’t think about castiel living in the apartment below dean’s.

don’t think about cas lounging on the couch with the windows open and listening to dean play his guitar on the balcony every night.

don’t think about castiel memorizing the beat and lyrics to some of dean’s original music. 

don’t think about cas obliviously humming one of dean’s songs while he’s folding his clothes in the laundry room.

don’t think about dean walking in while cas is drumming his hands against the dryer and shaking his butt.

don’t think about how red dean’s face would get when he realizes the song cas’ humming is one of his own.

definitely don’t think about dean inviting cas over for some take out and live music.

 (ノ・◡・)ノ ♥ 


"Will you accept this fake ID and become my husband?"


A hunter’s proposal. Cas thinks it’s very romantic and says yes of course.

Happy 6 year anniversary Dean and Cas! ♥

(I might put some more work into it because of the style inconsistencies.)